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Always Keep The Faith


Luhan touching Sehun’s leg beacuse he wants attention and continues

Finally he realize Luhan and he caressed Luhan’s hand *-*

XM: Ah yeah, please, give lots of love to our Exo too
RW: They need to stop loving you
XM: What?
RW: Its too much already
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*I bet he is talking about Luhan and his infactuation for Xiuminnie ♥  

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[140920] TLP in Beijing

  • Yixing: Today, Tao bought a new car~
  • Tao: Of course because we have been discussing about this for so many times.
  • Luhan: Also, we've seen this for so many times! How about you go change for something new?
  • Tao: ...Should I start driving a tractor, then?
  • cr. 边白呀

Tell me,tell me,tell me (feat.Kyungsoo)

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xiuhan kiss performance ヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙